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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I list a company for free?

Yes, a basic listing across all listing categories is free.

How do I claim a listing?

Navigate to the listing and follow the ‘Claim Listing’ link. All claims require approval, a process that normally takes less that 24 hours. Your email address used should match your company domain. 

Can we request a new category for our listing?

We welcome suggestions for new categories of software or machinery. Please email us at

Our company stradles two categories, how do we list in both?

It’s not currently possible to have the same listing appear in more than one category. However, we will duplicate listings in other categories on your behalf where this is the case. Please email

What types of companies can be added?

We’re currently accepting listings from software and machinery suppliers, textile suppliers, and consultants. 

Can we pay by wire transfer / BACS?

Yes, for companies requesting multi-year listings, it’s possible to pay by wire or BACS. Please contact us.